Site Info is a database of many popular models of heatsinks. We include the heatsink and fan specifications as well as the official product website.  There is also a section for readers to input their experiences about the heatsinks.  At the very bottom of each heatsink page is a listing of the known reviews of that heatsink.  This provides an easy way to read professional hardware reviews of the heatsink.

We do not review heatsinks ourselves.  We do not recommend one heatsink over another.  We simply provide a tool to allow the informed customer to perform research on a particular heatsink.  In this manner, we try to maintain neutrality.

We have received several emails requesting that we provide a ranking of heatsinks based upon performance.  We cannot do this.  It is not possible to compare heatsinks across different batches of tests by different reviewers or even by the same reviewer for that matter.  Each test has a multitude of factors that influence heatsink performance and it would not be possible to rank the heatsinks since each reviewer has different testing paradigms, environmental conditions, and accuracy.  However, by reading several reviews from different websites for a particular heatsink, you can have a very good feel of the performance of that heatsink.

We hope you find the a useful resource and recommend us to your friends.

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