Vantec CCK-6035D

Product Specifications:
  • Socket Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • Clip Material: SK7
      Heat Sink Material: AL 6063T5 & Copper
      Heat Sink Dimension: 65.0 x 64.0 x 39.0 (mm)
      Fan Dimension: 60.0 x 60.0 x 25.0 (mm)
      Outline Dimension: 78.0 x 64.0 x 64.0 (mm)
      Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearing
      Clip: CLP508
      Weight: 386.0 (gm)
      Thermal Resistance: 0.29°C/W
  • Recommended For:
    • Intel PIII Coppermine(FC-PGA)1.13 GHz and above AMD
      Thunderbird(Socket A or 462)1.33 GHz and above 
  • Website: Vantec CCK-6035D
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