TweakMonster Tin Plated Copper RAMsinks

Product Specifications:
  • Memory Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • All RAMsinks are 100% CNC machined from a solid block of 110 copper, they are NOT extruded.
      The mounting surface is machined to a mirror-like finish, and is flat to within .0002 of an inch.
      These RAMsinks have been designed to cover both DDR and SDR RAM chips, but they would also work well for chipset cooling.
      They are not 'oversized', thus taking up any more room than is necessary. They are also not too small, thus hindering cooling ability.
      Tin coated RAMsinks have a hard, chrome-like finish process added which not only stops oxidation from occuring, but also enhances their beauty and durability.
  • Applications:
    • SDR or DDR Memory
  • Website: TweakMonster Tin Plated Copper RAMsinks
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