Thermaltake Orange Orb

Product Specifications:
  • Chipset Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • P/N: A1116 
      Fan Dimension: 50x50x10 mm 
      Rated Voltage: 12V 
      Started Voltage: 9V (POWER ON/OFF) 
      Rated Current: 0.14A(max.) 
      Power Input: 1.68W 
      FAN Speed: 5500±10% R.P.M 
      Air Pressure: 3.65 mm H2O 
      Max. Air Flow: 0.307 /minute 
      Noise: 30dBa 
      Bearing Type: Ball Bearing 
      Life Time: 40,000 Hours 
      Connector: 3Pin 
  • Applications:
    • Video/Chipset Cooler
  • Website: Thermaltake Orange Orb
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