Thermaltake Blue Orb

Product Specifications:
  • VGA Chipset Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 53dia X 25mm tall 
      Clip Type: Push Pin clip included for easy installation 
      Fan Size: 50x50x15mm 
      Rated Voltage (V): 12 volt 
      Noise Level (dBA): 26.4 dba 
      Rated Speed (RPM): 5500±10% RPM 
      Heat Sink Material: Aluminum 6030 
      Thermal Resistance: Theta ca=0.47degC/w 
      Special Feature: Radial Fin design to increase heat dissipation 
      Highest performance for a active heat sink 
      Package includes: 3 pins to 4 pins convertor 
      Double side thermal pad & two push pin 
  • Applications:
    • VGA Chipset Cooler
  • Website: Thermaltake Blue Orb
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