TennMax P3 STF

Product Specifications:

  • Slot Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • Super Twin Fans (STF) @ 17 CFM each.
      Quality, Long lasting, Quiet ball bearing fans.
      STF, total 34 CFM, 70% increase over standard TF (twin fans)
      One spliced 3-wire connector for both fans to motherboard.
      (optional version with 3-pin connectors for each fan is available) 
      TennMax special thermal phase change interface pad attached.
      Thermal compound is provided in this cooler package. 
      Easy and secure slide push pin design. 
      High thermally conductive Aluminum Alloy. 
      Extruded with micro grooves on the fins for high surface area. 
      Designed for aggressive overclocking of SECC2 PIII processors. 
      Washers provided for fitting both OLGA and PLGA processors. 
  • Applications:
    • Intel Pentium III Slot
  • Website: TennMax P3 STF
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