Swiftech MC462

Product Specifications:

  • Socket Cooler
  • Heatsink:
    • CNC machined
      C110 copper base
      3"W x 3"L x .375"H
      Flatness better than 0.001"
      Micro surface finish 8 or better
      269 Pins made of High Thermal Conductivity aluminum alloy ( 230 W/m-K)
      Overall dimensions with fan 3"x3"x3", without fan 3"x3"x1.56" 
      Weight: 27oz (760g) with fan, 20oz (560g) without fan. 
  • Mounting:
    • Motherboard fittings: 6-32 Female to Male 1/4" brass round standoffs with nylon elbow washers and nylons nuts
      4 compression springs providing exact specified pressure per chip manufacturers.
      For Intel Pentium 4 processors, 2 brackets bolt atop the block to match Intel's mounting specifications.
  • Fan specifications:
    • Volt [V]: 12
      Size [mm]: 80
      Thick [mm]: 32
      AirFlow [CFM]: 53
      Speed [RPM]: 4600
      Sensor: rpm
      Part Number: 109P08212A201
      Noise db[A]: 45
      Pressure [In - H2O]: 0.36 
  • Website: Swiftech MC462
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