PowerCooler PCH155

Product Specifications:
  • Socket Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • Fan: 60x60x20 mm
      Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
      Rated Current : 0.35 A
      Speed: 6800 10% RPM
      Max Air Flow: 35.7 CFM
      Max Air Pressure: 0.353 Inch H2O
      Noise: 41.60 dBA
      Input Power: 4.2 W
      Bearing type: Ball Bearing
      Heat Sink Dimension: 80x45x60 mm
      Thermal Resistor: 0.59 ¢XC/W
  • Applications:
    • Socket 462 Up to 1.8Ghz (simulating test) 
      Socket 370 AMD: Athlon up to 1.4Ghz and higher, Athlon XP 2000+ and higher, Duron up to 1.3Ghz and higher 
      INTEL: P3 (FC-PGA) up to 1.13Ghz and higher, P3 (FC-PGA2) up to 1.33Ghz and higher, Celeron up to 1.2Ghz and higher
  • Website: PowerCooler PCH155
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