Jetart JACU04B

Product Specifications:
  • Socket Cooler
  • Specifications:
    • Heat Sink Material: Copper C1100 
      Heat Sink Color: Gold,Other Colors Optional 
      Heat Sink Dimension: 65.0x65.0x39.0(mm) 
      Fan Dimension: 60.0x60.0x25.0(mm) 
      Outline Dimension: 65.0x65.0x69.0(mm) 
      Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearing  
      Weight: 380gm
  • Applications:
    • All intel Pentium 3 FC-PGA, Tualatin 1.53GHzand up CPU 
      All Celeron PPGA CPU 
      All AMD K6, K6-2, K6-3, Duron CPU 
      All AMD Athlon Thunderbird CPU 
  • Website: Jetart JACU04B
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