GlobalWin CAK38

Product Specifications:
  • Socket Cooler
  • Fan:
    • Model Number: AFB0612EH 
      Operation Voltage: DC 7.0V ~ 13.8V 
      Rated Voltage: DC 12V 
      Rated Current: DC 0.32A 
      Input Power: 3.84 WATT 
      Bearing System: Two Ball Bearing 
      Fan Speed: 6800 RPM+/- 15% 
      Air Delivery: 37.6 CFM +/- 15 % 
      Noise Level: 46.5dB(A) 
      MTBF(life): 70000 hours /40?J 
      Thermal Resistance: 0.53?J/W 
      Fan Safety: UL Approved 
      Fan with RPM signal output: Yes 
  • Heatsink:
    • Dimension: 60mm x 60mm x 35mm 
      Material: Copper C1100 
  • Clip:
    • Material: Steel SK7(Quality Metal Clip) 
      Thermal Interface: High thermal conductive interface 
      Material: GW101 
      Thermal Conductivity: 0.0015K factor, cal/cm2/?J/sec/cm 
      Connector: Molex 2510 / 2695 3 pin 
      Total Weight: 450g 
  • Website: GlobalWin CAK38
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